Creatively Captured | Building a Wedding Photography Timeline

Building a Wedding Photography Timeline


NOTE: This is a preliminary guide to assist you in organizing your day, prepping other vendors, and creating your customized PHOTOGRAPHY TIMELINE.  Please review SAMPLE PHOTOGRAPHY TIMELINE for details.


It is HIGHLY ADVISED to work with a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING COORDINATOR (especially if you have numerous bridal party and family members).  Photographer cannot be held responsible for chasing down stray family members during shoot times. 


PLEASE NOTE: IF YOUR PACKAGE INCLUDES LIMITED TIME & IMAGES, ORGANIZE YOUR TIMELINE ACCORDINGLY.  For Jewish and other ethnic weddings involving additional activities, please confirm the package you have selected contains enough time and images to cover these events (i.e. Jewish katuba signing, Jewis Tora chair dance, Chines tea ceremony, Korean candy dance, Mexican money dance etc.).  To avoid "overage" charges, you may want to consider upgrading your package. 




  • Bride and Groom do NOT wish to see one another before ceremony.  If not, please advise.
  • Photographer needs to be at ceremony location approximately 30 min. before to prep gear. 
  • Photographer and assistants will be provided guest meals and approximately 30 min. rest period.  Please NOTIFY CATERING DIRECTOR about scheduled time for photographers' meals.  Please specify the exact time scheduled for us to eat. 


PREPARING YOUR TIMELINE:  PLEASE notify ALL bridal party, family members and vendors of photo timeline.


  1. Please provide ALL relevant addresses and contact numbers for all hotels, ceremony and reception locations, coordinators and the bridal couple at the TOP of the timeline sheet.
  2. Please condense information to ONE PAGE, make it EASY TO READ (by adjusting your margins or abbreviating words if neccessary), and do not include any additional information intended for caterer, DJ, band, priest, etc.
  3. Please allow approximately 2.5 to 3.0 hours BEFORE CEREMONY (if possible) for most portrait, still life and family/group photos.  It's best to shoot GROOM'S SIDE FIRST (allowing bride to prep).
  4. Please include designated "MEETING SPOT" for family and groups (i.e. hotel lobby, etc.)
  5. Please review the QUESTIONNAIRE before preparing your photography timeline.  Please alert the photographer if you have large families, special-needs individuals (elderly, handicapped or physically challenged), sensitive family issues or desire individual bridal portraits.
  6. Please confirm photography rules and regulations with all location managers.