Questions & Answers


Holy Crap!!!! Why do photographers charge so much???

Because. That's what my mom used to say when I asked that famous question "but why?" Seriously though, it's a lot of money and we get that. But when we start breaking it down, that cost covers two full-fledged photographers, a heck of a lot of our time and energy and our mad photography skills. Just how much time do we spend on a wedding? On average about 60 to 80 hours per wedding between pre-wedding meetings, engagement shoots, possible boudoir shoots, the wedding day and all the editing of all those pictures. 

Do you consider yourself a traditional wedding photographer? Portrait journalist? Photojournalist? Or both?

What the heck does all that mean? A traditional wedding photographer? You mean the guy with the coke bottle glasses in the blue leisure suit that shot your mom and dad's wedding? Yea, that isn't us. We consider ourselves photojournalist photographers. Actually we just consider ourselves some really good wedding photographers. But not just any "good", like really, really good.

What is the Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Style?

A photo-journalistic approach to photography is a fancy way of saying we are good at getting pictures of early morning mimosas, celebratory cigars, grandma getting jiggy-wit-it at the reception and the groom trying to hold back his ugly cry during the ceremony because dang look amazing. We are photographing the emotion of the day as it unfolds. We also get those "portrait" style pictures meaning not every picture is a candid picture. 

How many photographers work for your company? If we sign an agreement with you will we have a guarantee in writing that you will be the one photographing our wedding?

When you hire us (Creatively Captured), you get us; Randy and Caly Behymer. We think that we are so much fun to be around that we even guarantee that when you hire us, we will be your wedding photographer and our contract states that. In the unlikely event of an emergency we would use a comparable substitute photographer. For this inconvenience, we would refund a portion of your wedding package.

Do you take color or black and white photos? Is there an extra fee for black and white processing?

Yup, we do. We do color, black and white, sepia, matte finishes and just about every other edit imaginable. No we do not charge extra for using our creative juices to decide what edits look best for each picture. No worries because if we do multiple edits, we usually always include the original color version in case we got a little over creative for your taste during the editing process.

If your packages are not what I am looking for would you be willing to create a new package for me?

It depends on how much we like you. Chocolate helps too. If we like you and you bring chocolate then I'm sure we can work out something. Just don't forget the chocolate.