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Holy Crap!!!! Why do photographers charge so much???

This is a question we often get as wedding photographers.  A good wedding photographer is not only with you throughout your wedding day but invests 60-80 hours in you before and after the day as well! In fact, for every one hour we spend photographing your wedding, we will spend 2-3 hours taking each photo through our advanced photo touch up and post processing. If you break that down to an hourly rate after expenses, most photographers pay themselves less than $20 per hour.

Do you consider yourself a traditional wedding photographer? Portrait journalist? Photojournalist? Or both?

While we mainly shoot creative photojournalistic shots, we offer many other style of wedding photography also. We work hard to capture the story, emotion, and romance of the day. Very often the best photographs of the bride, groom and their guests (in our opinion) are taken when they aren't even aware they're being photographed.

What is the Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Style?

Our simple definition for the photojournalistic wedding style: capturing the events of the day AS they happen with very little (or any) interference from us, the photographer. We are not the type of photojournalistic photographer that doesn't take ANY posed photos. However, our  primary emphasis is recording the wedding as it happens - not setting up and posing group photos.

How many photographers work for your company? If we sign an agreement with you will we have a guarantee in writing that you will be the one photographing our wedding?

Only Caly and Randy Behymer work for Creatively Captured photography. As such, we guarantee that we will be your wedding photographer and our contract states that. In the unlikely event of an emergency we would use a comparable substitute photographer. For this inconvenience, we would refund a portion of your wedding package.

Do you take color or black and white photos? Is there an extra fee for black and white processing?

Color and black and white photography is included. During the post-processing phase (when we are sorting, cropping, correcting and preparing each photograph by hand) we will select photographs that we feel are particularly well suited for black and white printing, and will include both color and b/w versions with your originals.

If your packages are not what I am looking for would you be willing to create a new package for me?

Absolutely! The collections we have created give you the advantage of package discounting.  However, if your wedding needs require customizations, we can always build a package al a carte for you.