We are Randy and Caly Behymer. Phew. Glad we got that out because that’s the first step in admitting that we are wedding photographers. Which we are. And darn good ones if you ask us, because we are totally biased. But at least we are confident! As we should be because we have a lot of experience doing what we do. Combined we've been shooting over 25 years. We love having fun because weddings are stressful enough; your photographer shouldn’t be adding to that stress. Our goal is to give you images that will get you the most thumbs up, likes, hashtags and shares on social media. Oh...and great pictures you can display in your home. We take a photo-journalistic approach to photography which is a fancy way of saying we are good at getting pictures of early morning mimosas, celebratory cigars, grandma getting jiggy-wit-it at the reception and the groom trying to hold back his ugly cry during the ceremony because dang girl...you look amazing.

What more can we say? We feel like a mic drop would be perfect right about now.


Randy and Caly Behymer